Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorders: Challenges and Tips for Families and Friends

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The traits of people with borderline and narcissistic personality disorders can be especially hard on relationships and frequently affect the mental health of loved ones and friends.  This live, online forum explores the persistent, maladaptive patterns associated with two of the ten recognized personality disorders.  Participants will learn how they are diagnosed, theories about how they develop, and treatment approaches that have demonstrated positive outcomes. Tips for responding effectively to challenging behaviors will also be presented. This forum features slides, short videos, and opportunities for questions and discussion. The presenters are Edie Mannion, LMFT, a licensed therapist with the DBT Center of Greater Philadelphia (specializing in schema therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, couples/family therapy and family consultation) and Scott Johnston, M.Ed., an outpatient therapist at Merakey (where he provides dialectical behavior therapy, as well as cognitive behavioral and exposure therapies).   Go to to register.

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