Creating a fundraiser on Facebook is an easy way to raise funds for NAMI Main Line PA. Follow the simple steps below to set one up to celebrate your birthday, a special holiday or another milestone. A month or two after your fundraiser concludes, we will receive a check in the mail. All of the donations will be listed as anonymous, so please email us to let us know if you set one up.


1) Login to your personal Facebook account

2) Go to “Home” page

3) Click on “Fundraisers” icon on left side of page under the “Explore” category

4) Click on blue box “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization”

5) Type “NAMI PA, Main Line” in search box at top of page

6) Input $ amount under “How much money do you want to raise?” and choose date under “When should your fundraiser end?”

7) Click on “Next” button

8)Create title for your fundraiser and enter a personal message to encourage friends to donate

9) Click on “Next” button

10) Choose a photo to appear with your fundraiser announcement

11) Click on “Create” button