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NAMI Main Line PA, an affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is a grassroots organization offering information and support to people with mental illness, their families and friends. Our events, education programs, and support are available free-of-charge to people in the Philadelphia area. For additional information see What We Offer and FAQ.

Members of the Board

Ingrid Waldron, Ph.D., President
Ingrid Waldron has been volunteering for NAMI Main Line PA for over twenty years. She serves as President and chair or co-chair of various affiliate committees, and she regularly contributes to our education, outreach, and advocacy activities. She has experience with serious mental illness in her family.

Judith (Judy) Green, MSS, Vice President
Judy Green has been facilitating Family-to-Family classes for fifteen years, about the same amount of time she has been fund-raising and volunteering on various affiliate committees.  In addition to being a nationally certified trainer for the Family-to-Family program, she has facilitated the Visions for Tomorrow and Basics programs for families having young children with mental illness, as well as run support groups.  Although a Licensed Social Worker, it is the serious mental illness in her family that has given her the understanding, commitment and passion so necessary to do this work.

Sarah Freudberg, M.Ed.Secretary
Sarah Freudberg has worked with NAMI for ten years, serving as secretary of the board. She is also on the Education committee and is involved in planning and arranging for our workshops, forums, and presence at Health/Kids’ fairs in the area.  She has a loved one with a serious mental illness.

Amanda Falivene-Rocco, M.A., Treasurer
Amanda Falivene-Rocco serves as the Treasurer on the board, as well as the Co-Chair of the Education, Support and Outreach committee. She began volunteering with NAMI after utilizing their resources to help several family members with chronic mental illness and to gain support for her own anxiety and depression. Amanda is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner. She is the director of a day program in Philadelphia for individuals with chronic mental illness and intellectual disabilities.

Ivana Anderson, M.S.
Ivana Anderson has an MS in Organization Leadership from Cabrini University and works full-time in business in project management. Outside of work, she has devoted time to trying to obtain help for mental illness in her family. Part of how Ivana sought help is by volunteering with NAMI Main Line PA in 2007 on the University Outreach Committee. She has been on the Board from 2008 – 2012 and has served as Board Secretary for two years. She is Co-Chair of the University Outreach Committee, organizing speakers who are in recovery from mental illness and their family members to present at colleges and universities to help promote awareness and education.

Ellen Berman, M.D.
Ellen Berman is a family psychiatrist with a particular interest in couples, and in  supporting families coping with mental illness.  She is in private practice,  and  teaches family therapy to psychiatry residents at the University of Pennsylvania.  She has been a Board member for more than 10 years.  She supports NAMI by doing outreach to residents and medical students,  workshops for families and consumers through NAMI Main Line PA,  and advocating for family care to be included in the curricula of psychiatry residencies across the country. She has been named an Exemplary Psychiatrist by NAMI National.

Andrea Brooks, M.S.
Andrea Brooks has been a member of NAMI Main Line PA for the past five years. After retiring, she decided to volunteer with NAMI because of her experience with family members and their journey with mental illness. She has completed the Family-to-Family course and is currently a member of the Education, Support and Outreach Committee and the Walk Planning Committee. She has shared her experience through speaking at colleges, forums and being a part of the telephone support group.

Nancy Dever
Nancy Dever began volunteering with NAMI Main Line PA after completing the Family-to-Family course in 2017. She felt drawn to NAMI’s mission because of her family’s experience with mental illness. She joins NAMI with 3 years of fundraising experience working with a local non-profit serving families, and many years of volunteer experience with local non-profits. Her passion is mental illness in the adolescent and young adult community. Nancy is currently volunteering within her church to begin more community outreach and support to those that are suffering from mental illness, and those who support them. She co-facilitates a weekly parent peer support group at Wayne Presbyterian Church.

Denise Hay
Denise is a graduate of the NAMI “Family to Family” and the Mental Health Partnership (MHP) “Getting off the Emotional Roller Coaster” workshops.  Since 2012, she’s served as a Family Peer Specialist in the “Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster” workshop.  She participated in the NAMI Main Line Walk for several years, serves on the Walk Working Group, and on the Governance and Development Committees.   She’s spoken at various events and workshops about the benefits of family education and skills acquisition programs.  She has family members who live with serious mental illness. 

Loran Kundra, M.S.S.
Loran Kundra has been a member of the NAMI Main Line PA Chapter for over 10 years. She currently co-leads the Community Outreach subcommittee for NAMI Main Line PA and in doing so, is responsible for arranging people with mental health issues and family members to present at colleges and universities, faith- based organizations, corporations, mental health agencies and other organizations in the community. Loran currently works as a consultant for the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities and has been involved in some forensic mental health projects in Philadelphia and Chester County. She is trained in In Our Own Voice and is a person with lived experience with a mental illness.

Donna Matthews, MHA
Donna Matthews has been a member of NAMI Main Line PA for the past two years.  She is a graduate of the NAMI “Family-to-Family” and the Mental Health Partnership (MHP) “Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster” workshops.  Donna currently volunteers as a Mental Health Crisis Court Family Advocate in Delaware County.  Her passion is promoting advocacy and educating on mental health issues. 

Sabrina Quinn
Sabrina Quinn is a sales professional working full-time at Deloitte & Touche LLP.  She has been a member of NAMI Main Line PA for the past two years and is a member of the Community Outreach Committee.  She has a family member with mental illness and is passionate about destigmatizing mental illness.  She advocates for mental health and shares her lived experience during speaking engagements on behalf of NAMI. She also advocates for mental health and destigmatization in the workplace as the co-lead for Deloitte’s Philadelphia Wellness Committee, co-lead for her practice’s Well-Being team and as a National Well-Being Wizard.  She is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Kristine Songster, M.Ed., ex officio
Kristine Songster has been doing administrative work for NAMI Main Line PA for more than 10 years.  She supports the board of directors and committees in their work and serves as co-chair for our annual awareness and fundraising walk.  She has a family member with serious mental illness.

Danielle Sulpizio
Danielle Sulpizio has been a member of NAMI Main Line PA for the past three years, and participates on the Education Support and Outreach team. She shares her story during speaking engagements as part of the In Our Own Voice program, and facilitates a Connections Support Group that meets 2 times per week. She is committed to bringing mental health issues into the light, and imparts a message of hope and possibility to students at various universities. She began volunteering for NAMI after benefitting from their support for her own depression and other mental health issues. She is pursuing a degree in psychology to continue down a path of service and education. 


With the help of our volunteer Board members and our many additional volunteers, all of our services are offered free of charge. Our accomplishments for the past year are summarized here.  To learn more about some of our long-term volunteers, please visit our Distinguished Service page. If you would like to join our dedicated and congenial group of volunteers, please go to our Volunteer with Us page.

Page last updated in May, 2021.

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