Resources for Coping with, Preparing for and Preventing a Mental Health Crisis

Mental Illnesses, Treatments, Coping & Practical Help – Expert advice on how to help individuals with mental illness and recommended Web resources.

Specific Diagnoses and Conditions – Information on specific mental illness diagnoses and treatment.

Resources for Children and Teens (up to age 19) – Tips for talking to your child/teen, online resources to help siblings, and resources to help children/teens with mental health needs.

Resources for Transition Age Youth (16-24) – Links to helpful resources, including national hotlines, local treatment centers and support groups, and links to information about how to access behavioral health services.

Government Services – How to obtain government services, including mental health care, health insurance and disability income, for a person with mental illness.

Introduction to Services for Individuals with Mental Illness and their Family Members in Southeastern Pennsylvania provides information about the types of services and contacts for local services, help lines, warm lines, and online guides to resources.

Criminal Justice Resources – Suggestions for preventing arrest, information on criminal justice system procedures, , and advice, including links to general information and information about specific resources for people in the Philadelphia area.

Frequently Asked Questions – General information, links to helpful documents, and specific resources for people in the Philadelphia area.

Last updated in February, 2022.