Introduction to Services for Individuals with Mental Illness and their Family Members in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Although the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, we are not specifically endorsing these services. Email us at or call 267-251-6240 to send us feedback.

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The first section summarizes the types of services available and provides information about how to find available services (this includes the phone numbers for crisis lines).  The specific services available to you will depend on the county you live in, whether you are seeking services for an adult or a child or teenager, and the type of insurance you have.  For a summary of treatment services for individuals with dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, see

Because of the complexity and variability of available services, we encourage you to call one of the help numbers (listed in section 2) to talk with a knowledgeable individual who can help you find the resources that will best serve your needs.  Section 2 also provides warm line numbers to call when you or a loved one with mental illness wants support.

Section 3 provides online guides to resources. You may need to call more than one office and consult more than one website to get all the information you need – we encourage you to be persistent!

1.  Major Categories of Services for Individuals with Mental Illness and their Family Members

Crisis intervention (crisis numbers; crisis centers; mobile crisis teams):

  • Call 911 if there is an immediate danger of physical harm.
  • Otherwise, call county crisis numbers:
    Bucks County  800-499-7455
    Chester Cty  877-918-2100
    Delaware County  855-889-7827
    Montgomery Cty  855-634-HOPE (4673)
    Philadelphia Cty  215-686-4420
  • You can also call or text 988 (the new national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline) to be referred to the closest crisis center
  • For resources to help you cope with, prepare for and/or prevent a crisis, see

Crisis Residential Programs (CRP) voluntary short term residential treatment:

Psychiatric inpatient (including extended acute-care facilities):

Outpatient treatment (including partial hospitalization, day programs, support groups, warm lines, psychiatric rehabilitation services, case management, intensive case management, peer support services, community support and individual therapists):


Benefits (financial support and medical insurance for disabled individuals; publicly supported mental health care):

Advocates to help when there is a problem with access to or quality of services:

  • problem with access to or quality of services– Mental Health Partnerships has advocacy services – 215-751-1800;
  • PA Health Law Project gives free help to people when their Medicaid and Medicare services are not working well for them – 215-625-3990;
  • Community Advocates of Montgomery County (610-270-0375)

Legal issues:

K-12 schooling, transition to independent living, college:

  • Call one of the Help Lines listed in the next section
  • Consult the Resource Guides listed in section 3.
  • PLAN of PA (Planned Lifetime Assistance Network) provides fee-for-service help with the transition to independent living – 610-687-4036;

Employment and volunteering:

  • Call one of the Help Lines listed in the next section.
  • Consult the Resource Guides listed in section 3.

Social opportunities and support groups for individuals with mental illness:

  • Call one of the Help Lines listed in the next section.
  • Consult the Resource Guides listed in section 3.

Support for family members:

  • Call one of the NAMI affiliate Help Lines or MHP; inquire about Family-to-Family education and support program, support groups, and help in resolving individual problems (See section 2 for contact information.)

2. Help Lines and Warm Lines (for crisis lines, see above)

County Help Lines (provide information about resources and help with problem solving) Warm Lines (provide support)
Bucks – NAMI – 866-399-6264;
– County Department of Mental Health/Developmental Programs – 215-444-2800;
– 211 for general social services
Chester NAMI –; 
– County Office of Mental Health – 610-344-6265;
– 211 for general social services
Delaware NAMI – 610-623-0071 or 267-251-6240; or
– County Office of Behavioral Health – 610-713-2365;
211 for general social services
Montgomery NAMI – 215-361-7784 or 267-251-6240; or
– County Behavioral Health Department – 610-278-3642;
– Navicates for general social services – can be accessed by calling the numbers or visiting the offices listed at
Montgomery County Peer Support
or Teen Talk Line

Hours: Sunday – Saturday,
1:00 – 9:00 p.m.
For Adults
Call: 855-715-8255
Text: 267-225-7785

For Teens

Call: 866-825-5856
Text: 215-703-8411
Philadelphia NAMI – 267-687-4381;
– Mental Health Partnerships (MHP) – 800-688-4226;
– County Office of Mental Health – 215-685-5400;
– 311 for government services – 215-686-8686;
211 for general social services
855-507-WARM (9276)

3. Online Guides to Resources

A. Guides to Publicly Funded Mental Health Services

Bucks County

– Department of Mental Health/Developmental Programs (

– Magellan Member Handbook or for Spanish language version

Delaware County

– For a summary of services in Delaware County, see

– for adults (; see the index at the end)

– for children (

– Magellan Member Handbook or for Spanish language version


Chester County

–general introduction to mental health services (

– introduction to services for adults and children (

–searchable service directory  (;


Montgomery County

– For a summary of services in Montgomery County, see

– Mental/Behavioral Health System Overview (

– Roadmap to Recovery – Adult Mental Health Services Guide, which provides much more complete information ( )

– some services for teens and young adults (

– Community-based Supports and Services for families and children (   or

– Magellan Member Handbook or for Spanish language version 


Philadelphia County

– Community Behavioral Health,–Documents/CBH/Member-Handbook-2009-English.pdf


B. Comprehensive Resource Guides

Resource Guide includes sections on behavioral health services, benefits, health insurance, legal issues, schooling, employment, volunteering, housing, transportation, social opportunities and support groups for Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties (

Network of Care websites provide information on a variety of services for people with mental illness, including Medicaid and Medicare providers. (See also listings of Medicaid and Medicare providers in the final section.)

–        Bucks

–        Chester

–        Delaware

–        Montgomery

–        Philadelphia

2-1-1 SEPA online provides information on health and human service programs to find resources like food pantries, emergency shelters, transportation, health clinics, rent or utility assistance, legal help, and more in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. (

C. Finding a Mental Health Care Provider

Medical Assistance Providers in Pennsylvania, searchable by service and county

Medicare providers (

– See Network of Care websites (listed in Section B above) for information about Medicaid and Medicare providers.

– For a referral to a psychiatrist, call 888-35-PSYCH (77924).

– For a referral to a psychologist, call 800-964-2000 and, following the automated instructions and press the number 1.

– For a helpful summary of HIPAA regulations to facilitate communication with a mental health care provider, see

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