This Guide to Resources for People with Mental Illness and their Families provides descriptions of services and contact information for organizations in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. This Resource Guide also provides information about selected online resources.  Use the links in the  Table of Contents below to open the sections of interest to you. You can use control F to search for specific topics or organizations.

To quickly identify key resources and help lines in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, please see our Introduction to Services for Individuals with Mental Illness and Their Family Members.  For a summary of services in Delaware County, see For a summary of services in Montgomery County, see

Although the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, we are not specifically endorsing these services. Email us at or call 267-251-6240 to send us feedback.

For information for other counties in Pennsylvania go to


Advocacy, Education and Information on Mental Illness
(All of the resources for this heading, listed below, can be accessed via this link.)
 Education on mental illness and recovery
 General Information about mental illnesses
 Information by topic
 Southeastern PA Organizations
Behavioral Health Services
 County offices
 Case management and community support
 Provider databases
 Mental health and substance abuse services by county
 Co-occurring disorders/dual diagnosis treatment facilities
 Co-occurring disorders/dual diagnosis support groups
Benefits, Health Insurance, Legal and Schooling
 Benefits Assistance
 Health Insurance
 Legal- Non profits
 Legal- For profit
 Additional Legal Information
 Medication Assistance
 Medication Assistance via a pharmaceutical company
Employment and Volunteering
 Employment Information
 Employment Services
Housing and Transportation
 Transportation Providers
Social Opportunities and Support Groups
 Social opportunities for individuals
 Support groups for individuals
 Support groups for families
 Online support
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resources
 Information by Diagnosis
 Education on Mental Illness
 Case Management and Community Support
 County Offices and County Providers
 Local Organizations
Mental Health Resources for Older Adults
 If you are seeking help for a person with mental illness who is dealing with the criminal justice system or if you are concerned to avoid arrest, information is available on our Criminal Justice Resources page.